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Company Culture

Fostering collaboration AND INNOVATION

We value our employees and their ideas. The environment we create is one where employees do not just work for WilsonCTS: They are hands-on contributors, fostering a company culture that makes them proud. Everyone on the team is encouraged to share thoughts and opinions to move us forward as a company. This dynamic, combined with a flexible work environment and the opportunity for career growth, breeds innovation.

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WilsonCTS Work Perks:

Breakfast: On the first Friday of every month, the company provides a catered breakfast. Everyone looks forward to breakfast mornings!

Birthdays: At the end of the month, the company celebrates the month’s birthdays with cake, ice cream or cupcakes.

New Employees: We have solid employee on-boarding training — in the first week, you’ll know the ins and outs of working for WilsonCTS. We treat new employees to a pizza lunch during their first and second week. It’s a great way for people to meet their new coworkers.

Quarter Celebrations: Earlier this year, we went to Escape Room to enhance our team building skills, and then celebrated at E11even.


  • Throughout the year we celebrate holidays and use these opportunities to contribute to charities and show our support
  • For Halloween, we had a costume contest
  • We do holiday toy drive exchanges where everyone gets a name of an employee, and is instructed to buy a toy that reminds them of the employee. After everyone exchanges gifts, we donate all of the toys to a local toy drive.

Events: Throughout the year, we participate in recruitment events, social events and more.

The Team:

  • Since we carefully select our employees, you know you’re going to be on a fantastic team. We guarantee that you will work with awesome and cool people.
  • Fast-paced work environment and opportunity for career advancement.
  • Located just steps away from the King subway stop in the heart of downtown Toronto. Vibrant neighbourhood, great watering holes and fabulous restaurants.