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A Valentine's Day Love Letter From One Recruiter To Another

Recruitment can be challenging, enthralling, nerve-racking, and incredibly rewarding all in the same afternoon. This is the nature of the job and one of the reasons I enjoy it as much as I do. Each day is different than the one before, and I am never bored with a project. As recruiters, we have a tough job, but we do meaningful work, and it is gratifying! As an ode to Valentine's Day this week, this is my Valentine to recruiters where I’ll talk technology, noble purpose, and recruitment strategies for organizations and recruiters looking to up their talent acquisition game.

Are you a recruiter? If so, you have far more people skills than any computer….

While leveraging technology is an essential part of recruitment, it’s certainly not a substitute for a recruiter's knowledge. According to a study by Glassdoor, “86 percent of people in the first ten years of their career are likely to use social media in their job search,” but who are those people connecting with on social media? Most users are not looking to social media for one-way communication. As recruiters, we need to be providing the other half of the conversation and social media is an excellent platform for talent acquisition. You can take advantage of technology while also honing in on your people skills. Twitter isn’t going to craft the perfect tweet and strike up a conversation for you – you have to do this yourself. As recruiters, we have to be able to connect to candidates through a variety of channels. But without the people skills to back up our conversations, outreach isn't likely to go very far.

In the same study, it was found that “on average, each corporate job opening attracts up to 250 resumes, of these candidates, four to six will be called for an interview, and only one will be offered the job.” It is often the job of a recruiter to filter through all of these applicants to narrow the talent pool. Certain applicant tracking systems (ATS) are able to pick certain keywords out of a resume, but nothing can replace a personal phone call. It takes a well-trained recruiter to evaluate whether a candidate and client belong together. Getting to understand a candidate’s background, aspirations, and values are where a recruiter's people skills can really shine. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to understand if a candidate will be the ideal culture fit for an organization.

Recruiting can be riveting, the job is fulfilling, especially when you do it for more than the billing….

In a recent novel by Lisa McLeod called, “Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud”, she discusses her findings that top-performers within a company consistently had one thing in common: they believe the work they are doing is meaningful. As recruiters, we do meaningful work daily and are proud of it.   

Where else do you have the ability to present a job seeker with a better career opportunity and walk them through every step of the process? What other job gives you the chance to learn about the inner-workings of a company and guide them through the process of hiring the best talent? Recruiting is hard work, but when you have the ability to align a job seeker with an organization that satisfies both party's goals and objectives, there really is nothing more fulfilling.  

Love and recruiting blended is a job that’s quite splendid….

Thank you for the extra hours you clock and for the extra care and effort you put forth when handling each and every candidate, requisition, and search each day.  Recruiting is a tough job, but it gives back the love you put into it ten times over. It’s important for organizations to invest in their human capital. As a recruiter, I feel especially gratified when I am able to help companies seek out the best talent for the mission of the business.

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Rachel Gulley

Rachel is a recruitment consultant for WilsonHCG focusing on sales roles within the facility services industry. She has been recruiting for three years and has worked on searches within healthcare, finance, sales and real estate. Rachel is also a Brand Ambassador for the WilsonHCG Sourcing 2.0 Committee and enjoys finding and sharing out-of-the-box recruiting techniques.

[BLOG] 3 Candidate Experience Considerations For Recruiters & Candidates!