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5 Ways to Stand Out as a New Employee

The excitement of starting out as a new employee can leave your emotions running wild. You’re eager to kick things off, meet your new coworkers, and you’re probably a bit nervous because let's face it: First impressions are nerve wracking! You must have killed the interview process in order to land the gig, but now it’s time to prove that they made the right decision to hire you. Here are five best practices to help you put your worries aside and confidently know how to stand out at work as a new employee.

Get Involved

One of the best things you can do when you are first getting started is to investigate the opportunities available for you to get involved. Make sure you attend all the training since each will help you learn about other departments and internal projects. Also, exploring the different committees your company offers or special projects that you can help out with will not only allow you to meet more of your coworkers outside of your department but will also showing that you care to become a part of the company culture.

Once you get a feel for the workplace environment, I’d even recommend looking out for events going on in the local community that could be a great employee engagement opportunity. Take a shot and reach out to the people in charge of event coordination to propose the idea – you could end up playing a critical role in facilitating team building for your organization!

Take Ownership

Get in the habit of taking ownership of your responsibilities. Most organizations today are empowering their employees, so this means you need to take the initiative and hold yourself accountable for producing quality, timely work. Part of taking ownership includes properly managing action steps if and when you make a mistake. We are only human and mistakes are bound to happen – it’s much better to appropriately handle the situation from the start by admitting fault, getting help to fix the situation, and then learning from it so that it doesn’t happen again. The last thing you want to do is point fingers, throw others ‘under the bus’, or sweep the issue under the rug because your integrity and reputation will feel the wrath with time, and your coworkers may become reluctant to work with you.  

Be Resourceful

Put your thinking cap on and get your creativity flowing – you have to show that you are an action-oriented individual who can creatively apply resources to generate innovative solutions to problems. Acting quickly and appropriately is great, but going the extra mile to do so in a creative way will make you stand out. 

Be Reliable

Going hand-in-hand with being resourceful, you need to demonstrate that you are also reliable. Highly successful employees have the habit of being supportive team members. Consistently rise to the occasion – prove that your coworkers can rely on you for effective collaboration and that you manager can count on you to produce efficient and quality work, even with last-minute assignments. There will be times where additional help is needed and you have the opportunity to volunteer your time. Try to be helpful where you can, but also ensure that in doing so you aren’t losing quality over your primary responsibilities. 

Express Enthusiasm

Having high-energy and passion for your work not only makes you an exciting person to be around, but managers are specifically seeking these kinds of employees. Your optimism is contagious, and these traits make you an admirable person and coworker. Finding passion in what you do makes it easy to be enthusiastic, but what if you aren’t necessarily passionate about your work? Well, take a moment to analyze your situation – do you find interest in the industry? The company or their initiatives? Your coworkers? Search for the aspects of the job that get you excited to wake up in the morning and use that as your inspiration to adopt a positive mindset – you will find sustainable success in your career when you are genuinely passionate about what you do.

Adopting these best practices will not only help you make a great first impression, but with time, they will become habitual and set you up for career advancement

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Lexie Murdough

Lexie Murdough is the marketing intern with WilsonHCG. She received her Bachelors in Marketing from the University of Tampa, and recently joined the marketing team after spending seven months interning on the recruitment side of WilsonHCG. She is a graduate student at UT pursuing her MBA, and her passions include traveling, skydiving, spending a day at the beach, and unconditionally loving her cat, Luna.

[BLOG] Networking Tips: 3 Mistakes You Could Be Making