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4 Must-Listen Career Focused Podcasts

Content has never before been more available, accessible or consumable. For job seekers, this is fantastic news! On LinkedIn, you can apply to a wealth of jobs in a couple clicks. Job boards enable you to scroll through hundreds of roles in mere minutes while instantaneously exploring company culture, benefits and compensation. And smartphones make it possible to take part in a video conference or recruiter phone interview from home, the local coffee shop, heck, even mid-jump at the trampoline park.

This brings us to podcasts. As our lives move quickly, from one thing to the next, as we’re all on the go, trying to multitask or travel for work, the ability to grasp insightful, actionable content at moment’s notice is essential. With podcasts, you can tap into career focused advice, job opportunities, interview techniques and everything in between – at any time of day! The challenge, though, is that there are thousands to choose from.

For on-the-go listeners seeking ways to improve as a professional, find the right career fit or gain insight from brilliant entrepreneurial minds, we’ve weeded through the masses and discovered the following four can’t miss podcasts:

1. #Girlboss Radio

Founded by entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, #Girlboss was born from the New York Times bestselling autobiography of the same name and built to connect women “across social, digital, and experiential platforms to discuss and share knowledge about career, entrepreneurship, personal finance, relationships, and more.” #Girlboss Radio (podcast) is an extension of the #Girlboss presence and hosted by Ms. Amorusoborn. In each episode, Sophia interviews world-class “girlbosses” who have “made their mark” in all kinds of different ventures, ultimately to discuss and share lessons learned along the way. #Girlboss Radio is about 45-50 minutes per episode, while being both funny and incredibly smart. Fun fact! Just this April, Netflix released a #Girlboss comedy series following Sophia Amoruso's autobiographical story.

Where to begin: Suzy Batiz, Founder & CEO Poo~Pourri (also available in iTunes Store)

Suzy Batiz joined the show to discuss how and why she started Poo~Pourri in 2007, the first natural solution to a universal problem (eh hem). Since 2007, 17 million bottles have been sold with annual sales topping $30 million. Sophia and Suzy also chat about how Suzy’s childhood created within her a “maker mentality”, and how she survived two bankruptcies to create a truly innovative product.   

2. Career Tools

Career Tools won the Podcast Awards Best Business podcast in 2010 and has been nominated every year it has been eligible. The podcast is released weekly by Manager Tools, a management consulting firm “whose dual mission is to make every manager effective and every professional productive.” People dive into Career Tools for a variety of reasons – looking to hone their skill set, find inspiration or jump-start their job searching efforts, to name a few. Perhaps most helpful about Career Tools, the advice is actionable and applicable; there are insights shared that you can leverage today to improve in your current career, self assess behaviors or evaluate your situation. Of note, the firm also hosts the Manager Tools podcast.

Where to begin: How to Analyze Your Job Search – Interview But No Offers (also available in iTunes Store)

If you’re feeling a bit “stuck” in your job search and have a spare 20 minutes, this episode is a great place to get your feet wet on Career Tools. While not witty or humorous in the way #Girlboss Radio is, Career Tools jumps right into the who, what, how and why of career advice questions. In this episode specifically, the cast answers the following: I’m getting interviews but no offers, what should I do? Why do I keep coming in second in interviews? How many interviews should I expect before receiving an offer?

3. Side Hustle School

Side Hustle School is for people with full-time jobs who are interested in beginning income-earning side projects without quitting their jobs. The podcast currently carries a 4 ½ out of 5 star rating in the iTunes store, based on 714 reviews, and is the perfect podcast for the on-the-go professional or job seeker as episodes range from approximately 6-15 minutes. New episodes are released daily – briefly and concisely telling the story of someone who started a “side hustle”, what went right, what went wrong, and the ensuing results. For example, one recent week featured college students who started a bow tie “side hustle” and earned $15,000; a British man who builds terrariums for €600 monthly profit; and a web developed in Florida who began creating hip hop glitter pendants that now sell for upwards of $60,000 on Instagram.

Where to begin: Dog Lover Turns At-Home Baking Into Barking Business (also available in iTunes Store)

In just under 8 minutes, the host shares how a Michigan-based dog owner transformed her simple baking hobby into a gourmet, healthy dog treat business. Woven into each episode and story, Side Hustle School shares actionable insight – in this episode for example, how to begin the surprisingly simple process of licensing and registering your own personal business. In fact, it only cost the woman featured in this episode $50 to obtain an LLC for her dog treat business. For those who enjoy longer podcasts, at the end of each week they release a weekly recap episode covering all stories from the previous week.

4. I Hate My Boss

We’ve all dealt with a difficult boss or challenging colleague. In I Hate My Boss, which started just two months ago near the end of March 2017, hosts Liz Dolan (ex-CMO of Nike and OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network) and executive coach Larry Seal dive headfirst into all kinds of topics around dealing with, working with, and thriving under challenging leadership. Are you struggling with unclear direction? Is your boss a micromanager? Liz and Larry answer these and other highly relevant listener questions, exploring real-life workplace drama in therapeutic, comic relief fashion.

Where to begin: Introducing I Hate My Boss; S1E1: Fear, Change, and Six Glasses of Rose (also available in iTunes store)

As mentioned above, I Hate My Boss is fairly new to the podcasting landscape. Only 13 episodes have been released to this point. Great opportunity to get in on the ground floor! Check out the 4-minute “introducing” episode followed by the very first installation. Here, the hosts explore fear as a powerful motivator (in both great and terrible ways) and how to deal with change when your company goes through a significant shift (specifically, loyalties and prioritizing your own career). They also share real stories from real workplaces that, if they didn’t let you know upfront they were true, might be too hard to believe.

What career-focused podcasts are you currently enjoying? Have you learned anything that’s benefited your career or job search? We’d love to hear your experiences!

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